Puppy Purchase Application

Puppy Hold Application 

Reserve Your Puppy by submit application below to request to purchase or a hold a puppy. Payment is not required until you pick up your puppy in person at our location. 

  • Puppy Purchase or Adoption Application is required to reserve your puppy.


  • Submitting a Puppy Purchase Application is equivalent to reserving a puppy hold. We will only hold a puppy for those who have submitted a Puppy Purchase Application. Puppies can only be held for 4 business hours from the time you submit the application online without prior approval. A non-refundable hold fee is required to hold the pet past 4 hours for local customers if other applications have come in for the same puppy.


  • If there is no Puppy Purchase Application, the Puppy may be sold to walk-in guests or other applicant.


  • We receive a lot of inquiries and interest in the puppies. In order for us to differentiate those who are inquiring and those who are serious, we require a Puppy Purchase Application to reserve a puppy.  No credit card required.


  • Click the link below to submit a Puppy Purchase Application! You will need the Puppy Number of the puppy you are interested in.


  • Submitting a Viewing Appointment is NOT the same as Submitting a Purchase Application. 

  • Submitting a Financing Application is NOT the same as Submitting a Purchase Application.

  • If the coupon that you are using is expired it will not be honored.

  • If you are using a coupon you must enter the coupon code on your application in the comments the day before visiting. 

  • Coupons are valid only with cash purchases.

  • We do not accept expired coupons.

  • This application is only valid for 2 hours on weekends and 4 business hours on weekdays from the time you submit the application. Contact us after submitting if you have a long drive and we maybe able to extended hold for a few more hours but not days.

  • Send a text with your email address and we will send you an application by e-mail if you cannot submit an application below.

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Payment is not required on application. Pay when you pick your puppy up in person.

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