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Texas Teacups Puppy At A Discounted Price

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All Puppies have a starting price based on size and breed.

All new puppies are listed at the starting price for their breed and size. Details below in breeds we specialize in.

* Puppies For Sale: Average price that are puppies are sold at is from $1475.00 to $6875.00

* Select puppies are marked down every 2 to 10 day until gone!

* Adoption Pets Start at $975.00 and are reduced until gone. We are not a non-profit organization and offer them as a self service option on our web site. If you are interested in a lower priced pet you can click open the "Deal of The Day" button to view adoption priced pets and puppies.

* Pre-Adoption Pets: Price will be below the starting price and is available on select puppies that are reduced in price and can be found anywhere on our web site.


* Deal of The Day Page: Adoption & Lower Priced Pets Are Featured Here. Puppies on this page are marked down faster than any other page on our web site, especially when our nursery is full.

Adoption pets are not breed at our location and are offered by us for the same reason shelters and rescue centers offer them. We only take in teacup & toy breeds when people are called to active duty in the military, grandmother was placed in nursing home, could not pay for vet bills or surgery from accident, relocating or their dog had a unplanned pregnancy, etc...

Most people feel more comfortable surrendering a pet to a place that specializes in teacup and toy breeds. Many of them want for their pet to be placed in a home environment that provides a 24 hour / 7 day a week care. It can be very traumatizing for a tiny dog to be left in a cold and lonely cell with no love or attention and have have large dogs barking and traumatizing them. Some of them need high calorie tiny bite food that shelters do not provide.

Read this page to understand how to purchase one of our puppies at a discounted price.

 Our website is also an information and resource center, and we hope it helps you in your search for a new puppy.

What you will love about us is...

We have the cutest puppies on the internet!

We are licensed by the the state of Texas.

We mark puppies down until gone!

We let you choose the price you want to pay!

We allow you to make a reasonable cash offer!

We have coupons! - Link at the bottom of this page.

You can join our waiting list and get first choice of upcoming puppies!

You can pay $49 Down on any puppy!

We offer up to 12 months no interest

Buy Now & Pay Back Next Year!

Free up your Christmas money by paying for your puppy next year!

Payment plans available for people with Good, Fair or No Credit!

Puppies are current on vaccines!

We work on pre-training our puppies using the crate training method!

Big bonus puppy starter package valued over $100!

We offer a written size & health guarantee.

We don't tell you what you want to hear to get your money.

We don't ask you to pay any money until you see the puppy in person and decide to take it home.

Our puppies don't go up in price during peak season, they have a set price according to size and breed.

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Owner Rebecca Bice of Texas Teacups is a Texas Licensed Dog Breeder 

We do not breed large dogs, and we do not breed medium sized dogs. We only breed small puppy/dogs and tiny puppy/puppy dogs.

When purchasing a small breed keep in mind, the smaller the puppy, the more expensive they can be.

New puppies are always listed at a starting price for their breed & size category. 

Go to Breeds We Specialize In to locate the size chart size chart and price chart for the breed you are interested in.

​Average Price Range for Our Puppies 

  • Average price that are puppies are sold at is from $1475.00 to $6875.00

  • Micro Tiny Teacup, Tiny Teacups, Specialty Colored Pets normally start at $5,800 and up.

  • Puppies from Celebrity Bloodlines are $6,500 and up.

We also offer small adoption pets as a self service option on our web site, however because we are not a non-profit organization they maybe priced higher than a government funded animal shelters.

  • Adoption Pets start at $975.00 and are reduced in price until gone.

  • Pre-Adoption Pets on an average range from $975.00 to $2875.00

       (They can be featured at any price during a discounted holiday special)

  • Free Pets are offered when a puppy price drops to $25.00 for over 48 hours.

(Adoption application fee will still be required to adopt a free pet - click open adoption application on any puppy page to see that fee. It will be based on the payment option you choose.)

  • Pets drop down to the lowest price during non-peak season in August.

  • Pre-Adoption pets can also be listed at any price with a deal of the days special price.

Beware of Counterfiet Teacup Dog Breeders and Internet Scammers

puppy pet scams.jpg

Click open photo for how to recognize a pet scam.

Teacup dogs are the most sought after dog on this planet. Because there are more people that want them, than there are people who can afford them, they have became a high target for counterfeit teacup dog breeders and internet scammers. We receive 10 to 20 calls a week from people who were scammed looking for a cheap teacup puppy. 

If size is important to you, purchase a puppy from a breeder who will give you a written size guarantee.

If you do not have any disposable money to gamble with, purchase a puppy from a licensed dog breeder who will allow you to pay for the puppy when you see the puppy in person.

 Or click open >How to recognize a internet puppy scam or counterfeit teacup dog breeder <

How to Purchase a Puppy at a Discounted Price

  • Select puppies are reduced every 2 to 10 Days Until Sold

  • Occasionally reduced daily up when our nursery is full, and we need to make room for new puppies.

  • During the 12 days of Christmas all male puppies are reduced daily!

  • ​Example: If we have several Yorkie puppies available and one or two new litters on the way, then we may mark them down faster then other breeds. 

  • Male puppies are normally marked down faster than female puppies, however, they all have the same starting price.

  • Female puppies & the cutest puppies sell the fastest!

  • Puppy prices are reduced every 2 to 10 days by $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 and $100.00 until they are sold or the month has ended.

  • Price reduction normally starts at 12 weeks but may start sooner during non-peak season or when our nursery is full of a specific breed. Males are normally marked down sooner than female.

If we are low on puppies in a specific breed or sex the price reduction for the month will end and the puppy will go back to the first discounted priced once we start a new month. Therefore the lowest discounted price is always price option 4, 5 and 6 will end the last day of the month. Keep in mind the cutest puppies and smallest puppies sell the fastest and may not make it through the first week of being reduced in price.


The price you pay for a puppy depends on if you choose to purchase the puppy at the starting price or the discounted price that is listed at the bottom of his/her page. If you do not want to pay the starting price you can wait until the puppy is marked down. The choice is yours, however you do risk the puppy being sold before it reaches the price you want to pay.

​Size Chart With  Size Definition For Our Puppies

Click open breeds we specialize in then click open the size chart of any breed for a detailed size definition of our tiny teacup, teacup, and toy size puppies. It will help you to understand what the size of a teacup or micro tiny teacup will be once full grown.

Even if you don't purchase a puppy from us, we strongly recommend you educate yourself about the breed you are interested in purchasing as some breeds are harder to train than others.
Our pet size chart will help you decide on the size of puppy that is best for your family, especially if you have young toddlers in the home that could easily drop a tiny puppy on there head. Temperament is also important with children. 

You may want to find out what breeds we specialize in that have mild, calm temperaments, as well as breeds that are hypoallergenic and non shedding.
Each breed has a different size definition. 
Did you know that their are dainty petite teacup dogs, as well as healthier and heartier teacup dogs, such as the Daisy & French Bulldogs that are compact in size, short legs and body, yet not as delicate and frail as a small bone dog with a dainty petite body frame.

If a price error was listed on our web site by accident. We have the right to notify customer at time of purchase. But will not be corrected after customer leaves our location. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that wants to make a purchase through Teacup and Toy Pets Boutique.

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