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Specializing in Baby Doll Face Size Guaranteed Yorkie Puppies


1. Scroll down this very long page.

2. Click open any Photo Button below. Photos are clickable buttons.

3. Then look under puppy picture for size, sex and a variety of price options.

4. Every puppy has his/her own page with Price, Sex & Size.

5. Price option 5 & 6 is the lowest price option available for any puppy.

(Cell Phone Users: You may not be able to view all of the puppies & discounted price at the bottom of every page, pages will be very long)

Small Toy Yorkie - Sold Out

This is the lowest priced size that we offer

 Puppies are sold to the first person to submit an application for them.

The cutest ones will sell fast!

Size Chart for our Yorkies is listed at the bottom of this page.

"Tiny Toy Yorkie Puppies"

Yorkie Male Pic 1.JPG

 "Teacup Yorkie Puppies"

Tiny Teacup Yorkie 1198 (9)_edited.jpg

 "Tiny Teacup & Micro Tiny Teacup Yorkie Puppies"

Tiny Yorkie Puppy.jpg

"Tiny Adult  Yorkies" For Sale


Lots of new Yorkies coming very soon in a variety of sizes!
Schedule a visit through the SiteMap Directory to get first choice of the cutest ones before they are posted.
New puppies will be available at the starting price. Click open size chart & price list below to view the starting price for new puppies. Girl & Boy pics will be replaced with photo buttons soon.

Texas Teacups Female Puppy Coming Soon.JPG
Texas Teacups Female Puppy Coming Soon.JPG
TexasTeacups Male Boy Puppy Coming Soon.JPG
TexasTeacups Male Boy Puppy Coming Soon.JPG

Benefits of buying a puppy over 8 months of age or adult.

 1. They are more advanced in training. 

2. Temperament is developed. The older a dog becomes the calmer they will be.

3. They are full grown in height, length and weight. This may be beneficial to you if you have purchased a pet that got bigger than what you wanted.

4. Past the biting, scratching & chewing stage. Important to seniors or people with health issues with thin skin that bleeds easy.

5. Completed all of there puppy vaccines. $75 X 4 = $300

6. Can be certified as a service dog at 6 months of age.

Morkie (Yorkie-Maltese) 

Morkies are super smart and easy to train!

Micro Tiny Teacup Morkie 1009 (4).jpg

Reduced Price  Puppies


Select Yorkies are marked down every 2 to 10 days if the price drops below $975.00 they will be listed in the Deal of The Day" section.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic puppies are selling faster than they ever had during my 25 years of breeding. 
We are the only known breeder that offers a written money back size guarantee and marks their puppies down every 2 to 10 days until gone, however due to the shortage of puppies we are not getting a chance to mark them down much before they are sold.
Super cute, popular colors and tiny puppies sell very fast!

Puppies on our web site that are priced or marked down under $2000 can be sold within 24 to 48 hours.

All puppies have started crate training, older puppies maybe more advanced than others.

Free Puppy Starter Package when you submit an application for a specific puppy before coming.

Puppies featured on this page are reduced daily / weekly!

However, they are selling very fast right now and we may not get a chance to mark them down because they are being adopted within 24 to 48 hours of the time they are posted.

Our SiteMap/Directory has waiting list information if you would like to get first choice of the cutest upcoming puppies.

Yorkie Breed Information

The Yorkie is a fun and spunky little pet that loves to play! 


Yorkie Size Chart & Price List

All Yorkies have a starting price that is based on size.

Keep in mind, the smaller the puppy, the more expensive they can be.

The below Size and Price chart is provided for reference for the Yorkie Breed. 

New puppies are listed at a starting price for their breed and size category. Click open SitMap Directory to understand how to purchase a puppy at a discounted price.

The cutest ones go the fastest!