Reduced Price Pets & Adoption Pets

Adoption Pets when available range from $25 to $975 and will be listed at the bottom of this page. Pre-Adoption and reduced price pets are also listed on this page.

Pets posted on this page are marked down more than any pets on our web site.

These are the lowest priced pets on our web site.

We add new pets to this page when price option 6 drops to 30% off the starting price or when a new pets come in for adoption.


1. Scroll down this very long page.

2. Click open any Photo Button below. Photos are clickable buttons.

3. Then look under puppy picture for size, sex and a variety of price options.

4. Every puppy has his/her own page with Price, Sex & Size.

5. Price option 5 & 6 is the lowest price option available for any puppy.

(Cell Phone Users: You may not be able to view all of the puppies & discounted price at the bottom of every page, pages will be very long)

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Pomeranians & ShihTzu Puppies are normally marked down faster than any breed.

Puppies featured on this page are reduced daily / weekly!

Lowest priced adoption pets are at the bottom of this page.

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This is a high graphic photo web site.

You may not be able to download and view all of the photos & prices on a cell phone.

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All pets on this page are available for adoption, not unless they are marked sold on hold or an application comes in 1 minutes ahead of yours.

Adults - Reduced Price

This is the lowest priced pet we have on our web site,


Benefits of buying a puppy over 8 months of age or adult.

 1. They are more advanced in training. 

2. Temperament is developed. The older a dog becomes the calmer they will be.

3. They are full grown in height, length and weight. This may be beneficial to you if you have purchased a pet that got bigger than what you wanted.

4. Past the biting, scratching & chewing stage. Important to seniors or people with health issues with thin skin that bleeds easy.

5. Completed all of there puppy vaccines. $75 X 4 = $300

6. Can be certified as a service dog at 6 months of age.

Deal of The Day Pets maybe featured anywhere on the web site and not limited to this page.

Adoption pets are not breed at our location.

Once puppies start dropping in price, they sell very fast!

That is why it is important to confirm your application was received, and you come within the time allowed. Another applicant could get their application 5 minutes ahead of you or while you are on your way to see the puppy.

Click HERE to Learn More About How to Buy a Deal-of-the-Day Puppy. 

Adoption Pets when available for $99 to $975 will be posted here!

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ALL Pets in Photo Gallery Below

Have Been ADOPTED or SOLD at a reduced price from this page.

Click open photo gallery

View puppies & adults that were ADOPTED from this page for $99.00 to $1875.00

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Morkie 592_edited_edited



Morkie 592_edited_edited
Morkie 592_edited_edited


If you would like purchase a puppy at a discounted price and take advantage of these discounted prices it will be your responsibility to locate a puppy in the breed you are interested and a price range that you can afford, The cutest and smallest ones sell the fastest!


How to Buy a Deal-of-the-Day or Adoption Pet:

Puppies are sold or adopted to the first person to submit an application and pick-up within time allowed. 

  • Submit an application online for the price option that works best for you.

  • Please Schedule an Appointment to visit with your puppy!

  • Confirm with us your application was received.

  • Pick your puppy up in person within the time allowed.

  • Confirm your Viewing appointment before 9:00 am the day you plan to visit.

  • If you cannot come within the time allowed you will need to check the web site or contact us before 9 am the morning of your viewing appointment to see if the puppy is still available.

  • Deal of the Day Price Option 5 or 6 can be found anywhere on our website in any breed section, however puppies that are marked down most often will be found here. Subscribe below or Follow us on Facebook for free pet announcements & coupons!

  • Once you find a puppy you are interested in, you MUST submit an Application to Reserve your Puppy and Price Option. Submitting an application is submitting serious interest in a puppy and does not require a deposit to be paid. Not unless you want the puppy held past our normal hold time.

  • Deal-of-the-Day prices are CASH ONLY prices. Debit Cards and Checks are not the same as CASH. 

  • All puppies must be picked up at our location in Wylie, Texas. (Edge of Collin County & Dallas County)

  • You must submit an application before coming to receive the discounted price. Sorry, no exceptions will be made.

  • Strict expiration dates do apply to prices. 

  • We do not deliver or ship puppies at the Deal of The Day Price.

  • Deal-of-the-Day Price Option 6 is not eligible on the weekend.

  • The lowest price available on the weekend is the Price Option # 4 and # 5.

  • Deal-of-the Day & ADOPTION PETS: Can only be held for  4 business hours on weekdays and 2 business hours on weekends and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Price Option # 6 is for local customers that can pick up within the time allowed. Exceptions can be made for travelers that can come before 4 pm.




  • If there is NO application submitted you will be quoted and charged the Starting Price for your Puppy.

  • Employees are not allowed to quote the discounted /adoption price option 4, 5, 6.

  • Deal-of-the Day pets CANNOT be placed on hold and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

  • We do NOT hold pets at Discounted Price -

  • Pets can only be held for Price option #1 , # 2 or # 3 with a pre-paid hold fee of $50.00 a day 

  • Submitting a Viewing Appointment is NOT the same as Submitting a Purchase Application. 

  • Submitting a Financing Application is NOT the same as Submitting a Purchase Application.

(Adoption pets are not breed at our location. Dominating breed is listed under breed.)

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